Saturday, November 26, 2011

Second Grade Indian Elephants

 Second Graders looked at images of Indian Elephants from the International Folk Art Museum. We read the story Elephant Dance, a story about a boy and his grandfather from India. We looked at pictures of the various regions of India before painting the setting. Students learned to draw an elephant, sponge painted the skin and created a patterned blanket.

Third Grade Treehouses

 Third Grade students learned about the Canadian artist, Emily Carr before painting their sky. They used different shades of green for their Foreground, Middle Ground and Background.
 Students looked at artwork with trees by several artists. Each artist expressed the tree form in a different way. They learned to paint trees, then constructed a special tree house.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fourth Grade Self-Portraits 3 Ways

Fourth Graders created self-portrait prints after learning about contour lines. 

They viewed work by Henri Matisse and Alexander Calder.
Self-Portrait Fauve Style
Wire Sculpture Self-Portraits with Contrasting Color

First Grade Kandinsky